Benefits of Virtual B2B Matchmaking events with Vevents

Are you an organizer of online business events

Do people on your events meet each other one-on-one or in groups for networking at your events?

Do they agree their meeting time in advance?

VEvents designed an event format that allows you to schedule all agreed virtual meetings for your audience before the event starts and all meetings will happen automatically for all participants.

How business networking events work

Organizer creates an event

Organizer sets up:

– Event name;
– Event date;
– Event start time

Organizer adds attendees

You can add attendees manually or upload them via .csv file.

When adding attendees you can enter:
– First name;
– Last name;
– email address;
– choose group (buyer or supplier, male or female);
– add any additional personal details (company/position/country) if required;
choose role (an Attendee for usual meeting or Speaker if it’s presentation)

Organizer creates meetings

Organizer creates Rounds where they set up:
– Round start time;
– Round finish time;
– Add Attendees who are going to take part in the Round

Attendees join via their personal links

VEvents will send personal link to all attendees 24 hour prior to the event and 1 hour before event If their email had been added.

You can get all personal links via the Admin Panel and send these personal links manually.

When Attendees join via their personal links they see a countdown till their event start time.

Meeting automatically starts at the predefined time

All Attendees will be gathered in video chat with screen sharing possibility so everyone could make a pitch or a presentation.

Break between meetings

Break screen appears for Attendees when round ends, if you have a gap between meetings. Break screen shows countdown to your next meeting. If Attendee doesn’t have a gap between meetings – they will join next meeting automatically. 

Additional features

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