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Vevents Platform for speed dating companies

Big opportunities starts small!

We are familiar with offline speed dating flow so we designed out online platform concidering all the requirements to usual events held in bars. Video Virtual Speed Dating is becoming more and more popular because you as a Speed Dating company are not really limited in number of events, number of Hosts you have, Venues, days of the week when you can book at Venue and lot of others conditions, which prevented you from growing your business.

But it is a the past. With VEVENTS virtual speed dating software everything will be changed.

How to host your virtual video speed dating event with VEVENTS Software

Attendees join your speed dating, business speed dating or networking event via personal links

Attendees see a countdown and understand when an event is going to start. You, as an Organizer, don’t need to do anything as the event will start automatically!

Event starts automatically

When the countdown is over all attendees, who have joined it, will be automatically grouped in unique pairs and placed in virtual video rooms.

A brake after each round

Attendees will be automatically switched to Brake page when their current round is finished.

Next round with another attendee will be started automatically when Brake countdown is over.

Waiting room option, if the numbers of attendees is not even

When you have a speed dating event via our online software you will divide Attendees to two opposite groups so they meet each other. You can divide them by gender, or as buyers and suppliers, or as Group A and Group B.

For all the cases the usual situation is when one of the groups has more people.

In such cases your Attendees will see a Waiting room screen for rounds when they have no one to date with. 

Next round starts automatically

If there is anyone online, whom you haven’t met yet – next round for you will be started for attendees automatically

Confirm matches page

After an event has finished all attendees will see the “Confirm matches” page where they can review all past rounds, check their decisions (match or not match) and even change their decisions.

Thank you page

After matches are were confirmed VEvents can automatically send to all match emails to attendees who have Mutual matches.

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COVID-19 solver

You can switch to hosting online video speed dating events during self-isolation.


Lobby available or Youtube pre-recorded video instead of Host

If you have a Host – you can gather everyone in a Lobby before event so Host can make an introduction.

OR you can record a video and make attendees watch it right before their 1:1 video sessions will start


No Venues

With Virtual Video Speed Dating you don’t need any minimum bar spend, agreements, etc.


No geographical

Since now you can have an event anywhere! The only thing you need is audience!

Features available

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We are looking forward to make your speed dating, business speed dating or networking event Virtual!

Choose any time which fits your schedule and we will take care of everything else!


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